Weekend dinners and best sweet potato wedges recipe!

With beautiful weather, I can’t help but always be in the mood to bake, cook and eat outdoors! Last night (Saturday), we decided to stay in and make dinner.

I just received a copy of Plenty by Yotam Ottolenghi and it’s just moutwatering. I decided to use 2 recipes from the book, the sweet potato wedges and the surprise tatin, which is a savory tarte tatin made with potatoes, onions, goat cheese and oven-roasted tomatoes instead of the traditional apples.

We all fell in love with the sweet pumpkin wedges!

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Recreating Milan: marocchino

I discovered a coffee drink in Milan. On our last morning there, I ordered it twice because I didn’t want to let go but I had to.

The next morning, back in Kuwait, I recreated this drink. The moracchino. You see I thought I took a picture of it in Milan and whatsapped it to my cousin but I think that was all in my head?

So what do you need to create this wonderful concoction:
  • an espresso machine. I use my trusty Nespresso
  • good quality cocoa powder
  • cold fresh milk
  • a frother
  • glass cups
  • First, you need to prepare your glass cups
    Fill the cups with espresso
    Meanwhile, froth your milk…
    Dust some cocoa powder on the coffee
    Pour the hot milk to fill up the glasses…
    And voila… Ok it’s not like Milan but close enough.

    The many faces of kanafa

    So you must be wondering why the radio silence in Ramadan nonetheless!

    Well I’m experimenting with a new kanafa recipe and haven’t perfected it yet so I diverged and made many kanafas!
    Also work has been crazy busy!

    Kanafa with khashkawan cheese – perfect texture but still on the salty side

    Pistachio kanafa bil smeed (my experiment) with ricotta cheese – strange after taste

    Pistachio kanafa bil smeed with akawi cheese – something happened to the cheese! I need to rework something there.

    Kanafa with creamy ricotta filling (adapted from a book) with honey sugar syrup – loved it and will post its recipe.

    So here’s a slideshow of some of the kanafas I made

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    Kanafa with semolina and nabulsi cheese

    My first kanafa of the season!

    This time with nabulsi cheese. I used the same recipe as here but instead of the akawi cheese, I used nabulsi.

    As with akawi cheese, you need to soak the cheese 3-4 hours, changing the water every 30 minutes.

    I personally prefer it with akawi or even ricotta cheese but it wasn’t bad. Actually most people liked it.

    Baked apple pouches

    I got the idea of this simple and easy dessert while my mother was describing another apple dessert she saw on Food Network. My mind completely blocked what she was saying and wandered off.

    The night before Ramadan I already knew I was going to experiment with this idea.

    With the help of my mother and her suggestions, this is the result…

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    Experiment 6: Oats and dates whole-wheat cookies

    So you know how I am obsessed with my new cookbook and how I have different kinds of flour stacked in my fridge? Well about two weeks ago I saw a chocolate chip cookie recipe in the whole wheat flour section of the book. I still had plenty of whole wheat flour but I had no chocolate.

    I went down to the kitchen determined to make a plain cookie but then I saw a bowl of dates leftover from lunch earlier and remembered that I still have a large container of oats. And this is when I decided  to make oats and dates whole wheat cookies. I didn’t change much in the recipe except for reducing the amounts of sugars (brown and white) as the dates are sweet enough.

    I made my first batch, just added a handful of oats and chopped whatever dates I saw in front of me. I made them thick and when they baked, they were almost cake-like and the baking powder after-taste was overpowering.

    For the second batch, I measured everything correctly, reduced the amount of baking powder and made them smaller and thinner.

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    Baking with whole grain flours: whole wheat and oats sandwich bread

    Remember my new prized possession? Good to the Grain? A book on baking with whole wheat flours.

    Well so far, I baked three different items: whole wheat cookies (with my additions of oats and dates and omitting chocolate chips), banana cereal muffins using rye flour and lastly my proudest accomplishment so far…

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