Kanafa with semolina and nabulsi cheese

My first kanafa of the season!

This time with nabulsi cheese. I used the same recipe as here but instead of the akawi cheese, I used nabulsi.

As with akawi cheese, you need to soak the cheese 3-4 hours, changing the water every 30 minutes.

I personally prefer it with akawi or even ricotta cheese but it wasn’t bad. Actually most people liked it.

4 thoughts on “Kanafa with semolina and nabulsi cheese

    • Readily available in Kuwait? You can’t find a decent kanafa in Kuwait! If you do, do tell where.
      With homemade ones at least you make exactly how you like it.

  1. Oh! May be I said readily because I have been buying it from this one place in farwaniya forever. I forgot the times when it was difficult to find a decent kanafa. Its a tiny shop and I never even bothered to try to look up the name of the shop. It makes some more than decent Kanafa, I got there through word of mouth.I guess I’ll update you with the address soon.

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