Crunchy kanafa with creamy semolina filling

So I know I haven’t been posting about too many Ramadan-esque recipes but it’s only because I’m experimenting with different fillings and crusts.

Last Friday for my uncle’s futoor gathering, I created a kanafa with a creamy semolina filling.

This is the easiest kanafa with the shortest prep time.

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The many faces of kanafa

So you must be wondering why the radio silence in Ramadan nonetheless!

Well I’m experimenting with a new kanafa recipe and haven’t perfected it yet so I diverged and made many kanafas!
Also work has been crazy busy!

Kanafa with khashkawan cheese – perfect texture but still on the salty side

Pistachio kanafa bil smeed (my experiment) with ricotta cheese – strange after taste

Pistachio kanafa bil smeed with akawi cheese – something happened to the cheese! I need to rework something there.

Kanafa with creamy ricotta filling (adapted from a book) with honey sugar syrup – loved it and will post its recipe.

So here’s a slideshow of some of the kanafas I made

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Kanafa with semolina and nabulsi cheese

My first kanafa of the season!

This time with nabulsi cheese. I used the same recipe as here but instead of the akawi cheese, I used nabulsi.

As with akawi cheese, you need to soak the cheese 3-4 hours, changing the water every 30 minutes.

I personally prefer it with akawi or even ricotta cheese but it wasn’t bad. Actually most people liked it.

Kanafa bil smeed: v.2: with ricotta cheese

As a special request from my sister Besma, (who is yet to try it!) here below is kanafa bil smeed with ricotta cheese…


I quite liked the contrast between the creamy texture of the ricotta cheese and the grainy texture of the semolina crust. And was quite yummy.

For the original posted recipe please click here.