Express: ricotta goat cheese, bread and greens

I recently impulse-bought a new cookbook on baking with whole grain flours, Good to the Grain, and so I decided to go to Al Raha Stone Mill in Qadsiya Co-Op to stock my cupboard with some oats and different kinds of flours.

I am big fan of this shop and I love how knowledgeable their staff are. It’s very rare in Kuwait to go into a shop and find the shopkeeper actually know what they’re talking about. I mentioned them here and here.

Of course I couldn’t stop after getting what I went for. I saw a selection of different kinds of goat cheese, which are made locally at their goat farm, and saw ricotta goat cheese. I had to get it!

I also grabbed a bag of 4 grains flat bread and went back home.

In a bowl, I spooned some of the ricotta cheese, added barbeer, mint, cucumber slices, walnuts, green olives, a drizzle of olive oil and a few flakes of sea salt.

And what I had was one of the most satisfying simple meals ever! The bread was on the sour side which I love and the cheese was so smooth and creamy.

*picture taken from my iPhone using the ShakeItPhoto, an application that gives a Polaroid effect.

Kanafa bil smeed: v.2: with ricotta cheese

As a special request from my sister Besma, (who is yet to try it!) here below is kanafa bil smeed with ricotta cheese…


I quite liked the contrast between the creamy texture of the ricotta cheese and the grainy texture of the semolina crust. And was quite yummy.

For the original posted recipe please click here.