Wish-list: The mother of all blenders the Vitamix 750

And to see how cool this blender is check out the video below.

image and video via williams-sonoma.com

Gadgets: Salt & Pepper with Soy Sauce Saucer

How cool and minimal is this! It doesn’t help that it’s also beautifully designed. My wish list for kitchen and table gadgets is increasing by the day!

via le mouton noir & co.

Gadgets: Notebook charcoal grill

How cool is this grill? You can barbecue on the go!

Built for carrying with one hand, the fold–flat design ensures you’ll barely notice your grill alongside other necessary outdoor items.

via Saveur

Gadgets: Sweet swirls measuring cups

How sweet are these measuring cups! I so want them but unfortunately, they’re sold out on Anthropologie.com.


Gadgets: Chop Saw Cutting Board

How fun and cheeky is this cutting board! I think I must have to get this for myself, don’t you think?

To buy (for me): Gretel Home

Gadgets: Lunch bugs

I got these sandwich bags with bugs on them for my 7 year old nephew who is very much into bugs, insects and other slimy, gross creatures. I knew he would love it! And he did. It makes lunch time a bit more entertaining, well at least for a 7 year old.

Oh and I think Fred products are absolutely genius and so much fun.

Image via Archie McPhee


Gadgets: Nest of 8

For the ones with small kitchens…

via Lazy Bone UK

I think I saw them in Tavola too.


Something I kind of want, but don’t need: The KitchenAid Food Processor

But it would look so pretty with my KitchenAid mixer, don’t you think?

via KitchenAid



Gadgets: Lekue Lemon Squeezer

I saw this the other day at Tavola in Shuwaikh and forgot to take a picture and was too busy to buy! But why buy it? Because why not?

And I’m a sucker for nicely designed kitchen gadgets…

image via The Food Section 


Gadgets: Portion – Cooking Spoon w/ Measuring Grooves

For all you out there with small kitchens or just don’t feel like cleaning too many dishes, here’s the perfect item for you.

The portion:

The portion measures dry ingredients in half teaspoon, teaspoon, tablespoon and 2 tablespoons.

The handle also measures wet ingredients up to 1/4 cup.

And when you’re done measuring, you can stir! A perfect all-in-one kitchen gadget.

via ThinkGeek