Wish-list: The mother of all blenders the Vitamix 750

And to see how cool this blender is check out the video below.

image and video via williams-sonoma.com

Gadgets: Salt & Pepper with Soy Sauce Saucer

How cool and minimal is this! It doesn’t help that it’s also beautifully designed. My wish list for kitchen and table gadgets is increasing by the day!

via le mouton noir & co.

The kitchen: The leaning tower of blue jugs

I want this! I need this! And unfortunately again, it’s sold out!

via the end room via Pinterest

Gadgets: Sweet swirls measuring cups

How sweet are these measuring cups! I so want them but unfortunately, they’re sold out on Anthropologie.com.


Gadgets: Chop Saw Cutting Board

How fun and cheeky is this cutting board! I think I must have to get this for myself, don’t you think?

To buy (for me): Gretel Home

Gadgets: Nest of 8

For the ones with small kitchens…

via Lazy Bone UK

I think I saw them in Tavola too.


Something I kind of want, but don’t need: The KitchenAid Food Processor

But it would look so pretty with my KitchenAid mixer, don’t you think?

via KitchenAid



Gadgets: the sharky tea infuser

Another cool gadget that I think I must have. This time an award-winning tea infuser, by Argentian designer Pablo Matteoda

Look how the blood, I mean the tea infuses with the water. 

To buy this and other designer gadgets, go to donkey-products.com

vía Pablo Matteoda

I’m going to show you my collection of tea infusers soon!


Quirky gadgets – the lemon juicer

Instead of cutting and squeezing a lemon, you can spray it! This is too funny.

This is an upcoming product from Quirky



I want to share this fantastic and very useful article that I found in the New York Times – Dining and Wine Section (which I’m starting to love). It’s for all of you who are confused about kitchen tools and to those who buy more than they need!

The Minimalist – A No-Frills Kitchen Still Cooks