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Coffee and dessert 2


The end of the Chocolate Chestnut Torte


The last day of the chocolate chestnut torte at Life with Cacao was last Thursday.

For two straight weeks, my life consisted of work + baking + taking the role of the delivery person!

As much as I loved making these cakes and getting the amazing feedback, I am more than ready to move on and go back to regular baking schedule.

Stay tuned…


bake or not?


I’m hungry and I don’t know what to make. I want to bake something for tomorrow but I’m not sure what…



So I was syncing my phone with my computer and what do I see?

A picture of a piece of namoura and coffee.. Perfect!
I think I was supposed to post about it back in Ramadan but of course I got lazy and forgot.

I’ll post the recipe later tonight, tomorrow maximum!



No Post Today

The Oven Experiments is taking a break today. I’m exhausted. No post. I’ll double post tomorrow to make up for it.


Midnight feasting in Dubai

The Oven Experiments has been on a pause since I’m in Dubai and have been busy stuffing myself! Mostly forgetable kind of food but after a midnight “snack” at Carluccio’s at Dubai Mall, things are looking good, food-wise.

We had a cheese platter as dessert and since it was already past 12, we thought that should be sufficient, but it wasn’t. We also ordered an antipasti platter. You can see them below. And it was so good. So we bought two fresh mozeralla balls and some more bresaola and asked them to just serve it to us!

Tomorrow is limetree cafe! Can’t wait!


Welcome to The Oven Experiments!

This is going to be a place where I experiment in the oven and the kitchen as a whole and a place to talk about my favorite subject, FOOD!