Guest blogger: Friend’s Mom and her German apple cake

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine tweeted about her mother’s German apple cake and she described so deliciously. I think the coarse sea salt sprinkled over the cake cake is what sold it for me.

I asked her if her mother would agree to be a guest blogger on The Oven Experiments and she did!

I drafted a couple of questions to send to her mother about the cake. Continue reading

A tarte tatin …. a winter favorite!

Tarte tatin, where do I begin…

I absolutely love this easy, quick, makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside sweet dish.

Apples in Kuwait are available year-round  but having this when it’s cold outside makes it magical!

It was one of the most popular orders during BDesserts days.

So to make it you need: Continue reading

Baked apple pouches

I got the idea of this simple and easy dessert while my mother was describing another apple dessert she saw on Food Network. My mind completely blocked what she was saying and wandered off.

The night before Ramadan I already knew I was going to experiment with this idea.

With the help of my mother and her suggestions, this is the result…

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Old-fashioned Apple Pie

photo credit: Noaf Nackshabandi

If you like a no non-sense apple pie, then this is the recipe you want.  A thick flaky pastry encases a generous amount of apple filling that becomes slightly ‘jammy’ after baking.  We use a little bit of sugar here since we want a pie that is not overly sweet.  Besides, apples have enough natural sugars, which condense and give the pie a natural sweetness.  And, by no means waste time trying to make the top crust look perfect.  Unevenness and imperfections will give the pie a rustic look, which is very becoming of this old-fashioned dessert.  If you still feel you need to fuss about something, then go out and find yourself a presentable deep 9-inch pie pan. Continue reading