Recreating Milan: marocchino

I discovered a coffee drink in Milan. On our last morning there, I ordered it twice because I didn’t want to let go but I had to.

The next morning, back in Kuwait, I recreated this drink. The moracchino. You see I thought I took a picture of it in Milan and whatsapped it to my cousin but I think that was all in my head?

So what do you need to create this wonderful concoction:
  • an espresso machine. I use my trusty Nespresso
  • good quality cocoa powder
  • cold fresh milk
  • a frother
  • glass cups
  • First, you need to prepare your glass cups
    Fill the cups with espresso
    Meanwhile, froth your milk…
    Dust some cocoa powder on the coffee
    Pour the hot milk to fill up the glasses…
    And voila… Ok it’s not like Milan but close enough.

    Gelato overload!

    This is my first post on my trip to Italy and naturally it’s on gelato!

    I consumed so much gelato during my trip that sometimes they constituted as meals. They slab the gelato, and not scoop, on your cone until it forms a mountain!

    I don’t think I will write much in these posts because these images speak for themselves…

    In Milan, we accidentally stumbled on a gelato/chocolate store (in the most unexpected area)

    and with the quirkiest logo…

    They had mostly chocolate flavored gelatos with exciting additions!

    I had chocolate gelato with candied orange peel and my friend N. had chocolate gelato with chili.

    I’m hopefully going back to Milan in October and this is one shop I can’t wait to go back to!

    More posts coming soon..