Vanilla seed speckled chocolate chip ice cream anyone?

I received a special order for jars of meringues this week so I had tons of egg yolks leftover. My mother ingeniously thought of using the egg yolks to make custard. She used seeds from vanilla beans she got from a trip to Sri Lanka. When it cooled, the custard was still a little runny and I assumed she didn’t cook it long enough to thicken. I asked her if she minded I make ice cream out of it.

So I went ahead and brought the ice cream machine out and poured the custard in. When the ice cream was almost ready, I grabbed the already opened chocolate chip bag, which I was using for the meringues, and threw in the rest of the chocolate chips in.

And here’s the end result.

Beautifully vanilla seed speckled chocolate chip custard-base ice cream!

Oh and I still have tons of eggs yolks left, we want to give another flavor a try.

Singapore: Episode 4

Today was not as exciting as I hoped. Far from it.

I basically had breakfast on the run because I woke up late, not that the hotel’s breakfast is anything to look forward to.

For lunch, I wanted to try a sandwich/soup/salad place next to where all the banks are (very close to my hotel and the museum).

So I went there…

And had this…

Grilled vegetable sandwich. It was good, nothing spectacular.

After finishing my sandwich, the weather was beautiful, so I decided to take a lemon cupcake and put my lime juice in a plastic cup and sit outside with all those bankers.

After finishing our work at the museum at 5pm, the weather was getting hotter and stickier. We saw the ice cream vendor. I see them all the time but never got the courage to actually get ice cream from there. My DAI team members went straight to the ice cream man and I asked for chocolate.

He cuts them in thick rectangular slices and sandwiches them between two wafers, and sometimes bread!

I went back to the hotel and never left. I ordered room service.

And this is what I ordered…

Mushroom risotto. And again it wasn’t anything spectacular..

I guess you can’t always have exciting food discoveries every day…