Fancy leftovers: Molekheya sandwich

This is what you do on a Friday afternoon with no planned lunch and have amazing leftover molekheya and homemade walnut bread: you take two slices of bread and mash the already cooked with molekheya garlic cloves and spread it on the bread. Scoop the molekheya and add fresh coriander and basil leaves for a crunch. And then you enjoy with a cold bottle of sparkling water!

Happy Friday!

Daydreaming: A loaf of sandwich bread

About two years ago, I was inspired to make my own loaf of whole grain sandwich bread because I felt there was nothing in the market that was real enough for me. I got into the habit of making this bread every once in a while but it’s been over a year now. I miss the kneading and the waiting and the smell of a freshly baked loaf!

I should get back into the bread making habit. Having a sandwich using the bread you’ve made yourself is amazing!

I will let you know if I actually commit. Stay tuned!

Open-face Musakhan sandwich

You know when you try something for the first time and you are completely mesmerized by the new and wonderful flavors you are experiencing? That’s how it was for me the first time I had Musakhan. Prepared in the traditional way by a Palestinian woman, every Musakhan I had after that was just not the same. So over two decades after, I finally decided that I had to make it myself.

So I was watching the funny Bobby Chinn on his Middle Eastern food tour, and during his visit to Palestine, he visited a family that prepared him Musakhan. They had baked the special traditional bread, Taboon, for the dish. A quite thick and rustic unleavened bread that was baked directly on hot surface in an open flame oven. And this made perfect sense, this type of bread would soak up all the juicy liquids and still hold its form. So the bread was my first quest. In the old Jabriyah Co-op the traditional bakery sells Iranian bread that I guess would be somewhat similar to the Taboon bread I saw on TV. It’s thicker than the round Tanoor bread and oval in shape. So if you’re planning to make this dish head to the old Jabriyah Co-op and get two of those breads.Next was to find the recipe. Online I found Dima’s Kitchen. She has three versions of the dish, one of which was similar to the one I saw on TV – sandwich style with the chicken pulled. Of course I experimented and modified, so here it is.

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Singapore: Episode 4

Today was not as exciting as I hoped. Far from it.

I basically had breakfast on the run because I woke up late, not that the hotel’s breakfast is anything to look forward to.

For lunch, I wanted to try a sandwich/soup/salad place next to where all the banks are (very close to my hotel and the museum).

So I went there…

And had this…

Grilled vegetable sandwich. It was good, nothing spectacular.

After finishing my sandwich, the weather was beautiful, so I decided to take a lemon cupcake and put my lime juice in a plastic cup and sit outside with all those bankers.

After finishing our work at the museum at 5pm, the weather was getting hotter and stickier. We saw the ice cream vendor. I see them all the time but never got the courage to actually get ice cream from there. My DAI team members went straight to the ice cream man and I asked for chocolate.

He cuts them in thick rectangular slices and sandwiches them between two wafers, and sometimes bread!

I went back to the hotel and never left. I ordered room service.

And this is what I ordered…

Mushroom risotto. And again it wasn’t anything spectacular..

I guess you can’t always have exciting food discoveries every day…