I’m not a make up fanatic, but I fully admit that I’m a beauty products junkie!

Mademoiselle from Ke7el, the go-to local blog for anything beauty related, kindly asked me if I would like to be featured in their “What’s Inside Your Makeup Bag” project and I enthusiastically accepted.

So go ahead, click here to see what’s inside my make-up bag!


Check this super cool link for food photography that will definitely blow your mind away!

Photographer Caren Alpert used an electron microscope to photograph cake sprinkles (see below), brussels sprouts, table salt and many more.

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Camel Milk Chocolate

Yes you read it right, camel milk chocolate! Never did I think that anyone would think of making chocolate using camel milk! So you can imagine my surprise and my hesitation when my friend and colleague handed me a bag of camel milk chocolate bars after her return from a trip to Dubai. Each bar has a different flavor as you can see from the image below.

I took the 70% chocolate bar and broke a small piece and placed it on my tongue. As it melted, the chocolate had an unfamiliar taste. It was strong. I’m not sure if it was the camel milk or because I was thinking too much. But I liked it.

So if you happen to be in Dubai and feel a bit adventurous, then why don’t you try some camel milk chocolate and while you’re at it, how about a camel burger?

Cardamon and Lime: Recipes from the Arabian Gulf by Sarah al-Hamad

For the first time in Kuwait, Kuwaiti writer Sarah al-Hamad’s signed recipe book from the Arabian Gulf, Cardamon and Lime: Recipes from the Arabian Gulf, is available at the museum shop at Dar al-Athar al-Islamiyyah’s al-Maidan Cultural Centre in Maidan Hawalli. Continue reading

My Parent’s Anniversary and Cake in Singapore

When my parents arrived in Singapore, it was also their Anniversary date!

So it was a win-win trip. I get to have them as company and they get to celebrate their anniversary!

I was dealing with the Hotel a lot, since we had an official delegation coming. I told them that my parent’s were coming for their anniversary and they generously offered to have a bouquet of fresh flowers and a cake delivered to their room on their arrival.

And this was the cake. It was De-Li-Cious! It reminded me of Opera chocolate cake with the crispy cereal inside. Although it does seem small but it was quite filling. We were eating it for two days!

In case you’re wondering, we stayed at the Fullerton Hotel. I highly recommend it.

Singapore: Brunching (Final)

My last weekend in Singapore, my sister was with me and fortunately was also my only full free weekend.

On that Saturday we went to have brunch at Jones, mix of grocery store and cafe.

And now let’s take a look at their mouth-watering display of  tartlets

And best of all they make all their pastries right in front of you!

The pastry chef here was preparing pastry to make croissants.

Since it was a weekend, it took us at least 30 minutes to get seated but it was worth the wait!

My cappuccino!

My Eggs Dish which was fantastic! The tomato sauce, the bread the perfectly cooked eggs and the spinach…all beyond excellent!

My sister’s dish: Poached eggs, mushrooms and bread. You can never go wrong with perfectly cooked poached eggs but my dish was far more superior and yummier!

Although I just had lunch, I am salivating as I remember my egg dish. It was THAT good. So if you happen to be in Singapore be sure to check this place out. It’s located at the top floor of the Mandarin Gallery on Orchard Road.

And oh yeah! I have a brunch post coming up soon!

Singapore: Day xx (part 1)

I know this has been long overdue and I will stop with the excuses.

I will start posting only my interesting and worth-mentioning food experiences in Singapore (which won’t be many as I was crazy busy my last week there)

So we finally went to the hawker’s center to try their satay. It looks and feels like the Singapore version of the Mubarkiya food-area.

let’s take a closer look…

Made me very hungry!

And I present to you the star of that night.

I overdosed on the chicken and the beef satay. We also ordered shrimp satay. I didn’t take a picture of it which kind of says a lot. It wasn’t that great. We also ordered a leafy green dish that is drenched in garlic! My breath was garlicky all night, even after mints and brushing my teeth.

We walked back to the hotel and saw the other side of the hawker’s center.

This was where all the Chinese food stalls are and this being Singapore, there was a band playing.

Those Singaporeans know how to have a good time!