Camel Milk Chocolate

Yes you read it right, camel milk chocolate! Never did I think that anyone would think of making chocolate using camel milk! So you can imagine my surprise and my hesitation when my friend and colleague handed me a bag of camel milk chocolate bars after her return from a trip to Dubai. Each bar has a different flavor as you can see from the image below.

I took the 70% chocolate bar and broke a small piece and placed it on my tongue. As it melted, the chocolate had an unfamiliar taste. It was strong. I’m not sure if it was the camel milk or because I was thinking too much. But I liked it.

So if you happen to be in Dubai and feel a bit adventurous, then why don’t you try some camel milk chocolate and while you’re at it, how about a camel burger?

4 thoughts on “Camel Milk Chocolate

  1. Yikes. I’d try it for sure. But I’m not a fan of camel milk at all, so I dont know if I’m going to be a fan of the chocolate either. Doesn’t hurt to try though!

  2. i heard bout this a year ago and i remember telling my mom to bring me some with her wen she got back from her trip from dubai..she ditched the whole idea..said something like i might get diarrhea (coz we never had it);p i wouldnt mind trying..i heard camel milk is supposed to b good thats why emaratis drink a lot of never got me any, givin an excuse that she didnt find any in the supermarkets, yeah right;P

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