First Food Revolution Day event in Kuwait announced!


It is really is inspiring to see young Kuwaitis passionate about something, and even more inspiring that their passion is for organic gardening!

Check out It all grows: The challenges and joys of a Kuwaiti garden and follow her journey to organic gardening. Oh and she also creates her own compost!

Brunching in Dubai

I am back in Kuwait for a few days now and so I apologize for the lack of updates! Time just passes by so quickly that it feels like I have no time to post, although I have content and images for at least 3 different posts! I will have to eventually post them. So please be patient with me.

This is my second post on Dubai. As I said before Dubai’s food is mediocre at its best but when our friend Rahab told us she’s going to surprise with a new breakfast (that later turned to a brunch) place that will surely turn into a post, I knew it had to be good, and it was. Continue reading