Brunching in Dubai

I am back in Kuwait for a few days now and so I apologize for the lack of updates! Time just passes by so quickly that it feels like I have no time to post, although I have content and images for at least 3 different posts! I will have to eventually post them. So please be patient with me.

This is my second post on Dubai. As I said before Dubai’s food is mediocre at its best but when our friend Rahab told us she’s going to surprise with a new breakfast (that later turned to a brunch) place that will surely turn into a post, I knew it had to be good, and it was.

I wish I took more pictures of the place, Baker & Spice, but I was just so mesmerized with the gorgeous weather and the fantastic view of the place that it completely slipped my mind.

We later found out that Baker & Spice was a franchise from the UK and it specializes in organic, local and simple food. Seeing that it was in Dubai, I found that quite hard to achieve but I didn’t want to be the pessimist!

This was our table….

I had a very delicious blueberry and banana smoothie and it turned purple! You can see it in the image above. It was perfect sweetness and perfect thickness.

I also had their soft-boiled eggs. Poor things, they miscalculated the cooking time. I was basically served raw eggs! And then I asked them to cook it longer and then got a near hard-boiled eggs but I didn’t complain. It was still good and those dipping seasoned breads went perfectly with the eggs.

And now let’s turn to what the girls ordered.

Our friend, Rahab, went for their blueberry pancakes and they are as delicious as they look! I had a bite and it was really good! No baking powder after-taste, no gooey doughy insides, just perfectly cooked pancakes with the perfect cream and blueberry topping.

Both my sister and cousin ordered the Eggs benedict with dried beef. They both enjoyed it and I also took a bite and it was quite good, except for the bread. It wasn’t too fresh.

All in all, it was a very nice place to eat. The location is fantastic and the food is just so simple, although I’m not so sure how ‘local’ it is. I would definitely go back.

After finishing our meal and realizing that I had not taken enough pictures, I quickly snapped the interior seating area of the cafe.

Isn’t it lovely?

Baker & Spice is located in Souq Al-Bahar, opposite Dubai Mall.

Oh and on a last note…

All the was on my mind when I saw this was hmmmm….. how many ways can I eat you!

This huge crab was at the Dubai Mall Aquarium and it is HUGE!

6 thoughts on “Brunching in Dubai

  1. yummi!!! By far my favorite meal of the day is breakfast! And whenever I’m on holiday, a big part of it is spent hunting down great breakfast serving restaurants and cafes. I will definitely pass by “Baker & Spice” on my next trip to Dubai. Thanks!

    • I know, isn’t it? I look forward to breakfast whenever I travel. And I think I had the breakfast EVER on my trip to Berlin.

      You should go to Dubai soon. The weather is splendid!

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