The Johnny: an Indian street food wrap

So I was watching a food show about Indian street food, which featured this very inspiring versatile chapati wrap.  What makes it unique is the beaten egg cooked with a chapati on top.  The result is a chapati with a velvety thin omelette stuck to one side.  The chapati is then filled egg side in with a cooked thick tomato, onion and cut up chicken mixture and rolled.  I asked an Indian friend about the wrap and she said that it was called a Johnny.  She didn’t know why.

And here’s my version. Continue reading

Lamb Biryani – southern style

My new role as unemployed is to be the house’s cook, and I am loving it!

Yesterday, I made lamb biryani, southern Indian style. The difference between this biryani and the Northern biryani, which is what we are usually accustomed to in Kuwait, is the use of shredded coconut in the base mixture.

The base for the biryani is super aromatic with lots of sautéed onions, chopped mint and parsley, a myriad of spices, yogurt and what sets this is apart from the other biryanis,  the shredded coconut.

Below is an image of the base slowly simmering, perfuming the entire kitchen.

To get this recipe, and if you’re a fan of Southern Indian cooking, I highly suggest you a get a copy of Savoring the Spice Coast of India by Maya Kaimal.

Singapore: Episode 6

I went back to that street! I made a note of the street’s name but because I am me, I forgot the name!

We tried the Indian this time.

I placed my order…

White rice with Dhal, accompanied with a cabbage dry curry and eggplant pickle

It was a very good meal. I personally prefer black dhal over the yellow one but it was good nonetheless. Also, the eggplant pickle went perfectly with the the rest of the meal. I still think the Malay one was much, much better and the flavors were much more exciting. This was just average Indian food.

After finishing off from the museum today, I went back to the hotel, searched for a movie and took off! I was quite hungry by the time I arrived to the cinema, which is located at the Cathay Building. I had about an hour to kill so I went over to Caramel and ordered their tonight’s special, cheese soufflé with cream sauce.

Quite a satisfying meal.

I watched Everybody’s Fine. I thought it was going to be a silly, happy movie but I was wrong, VERY wrong. I left sobbing with a heavy weight on my chest. This is not what I wanted! But it is still a very good movie. So if you want to go cry, go see it!