Lamb Biryani – southern style

My new role as unemployed is to be the house’s cook, and I am loving it!

Yesterday, I made lamb biryani, southern Indian style. The difference between this biryani and the Northern biryani, which is what we are usually accustomed to in Kuwait, is the use of shredded coconut in the base mixture.

The base for the biryani is super aromatic with lots of sautéed onions, chopped mint and parsley, a myriad of spices, yogurt and what sets this is apart from the other biryanis,  the shredded coconut.

Below is an image of the base slowly simmering, perfuming the entire kitchen.

To get this recipe, and if you’re a fan of Southern Indian cooking, I highly suggest you a get a copy of Savoring the Spice Coast of India by Maya Kaimal.