Video: Gecko Emmentaler

The geckos are placed on the cows and once they are there, they can eat all the annoying blowflies. This means that the cows are more stress-free and produce more relaxed milk, which goes to producing better cheese. (link)

Please watch this video produced by Emmentaler Switzerland. I first received a link of this  video on April 1st. After viewing the video, I was convinced it was a joke but then I went on their website and they seemed convincing. I was confused. Could this be real? But this is ridiculous and hilarious! Anyway, I’ve been meaning to post it on the blog then but never did. I finally came around to posting it and when I checked the website again to link it here, I found it was an April fool’s joke! Well now that makes a lot of sense!

They even created an event on April 1st for the unveiling. Check out the pictures here.