Kuwait Revolution: Healthy Ramadan workshop

Check out this post on yesterday’s Ramadan Workshop by my friend Fatmah!

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I meant to post about Food Revolution almost two months ago, when I volunteered as a photographer at the group’s first event in Kuwait. Clearly, I didn’t get around to posting anything about the event! I volunteered at another workshop yesterday and this time I’m not putting off writing about it, mainly because I firmly believe in this group’s cause in wanting to encourage  healthy living.

Food Revolution Kuwait Budour

The Food Revolution is a global movement initiated by Jamie Oliver to change the way people eat. A mass social event took place in May and aimed to educate everybody about the harms of processed food, give people better alternatives and promote cultural change on a large-scale (targeting schools, corporations and even governments). Spearheading the Food Revolution in Kuwait is health coach Juna Al-Awadhi, nutritionist Dr. Nada Al-Ragum and organic food fanatic and entrepreneur Jumana Al-Awadhi of  www.welovekuwait.com.

Food Revolution Kuwait

 The workshop yesterday focused on…

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The Oven Experiments featured in Bazaar Magazine, May issue!

Bazaar Magazine generously asked me to be featured in their Truth or Dare column and I gladly accepted. To read the article and know more about me, click here and go to page 47 to see it as it would appear in the magazine or read the article on the website here.

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Foodie Series: Faisal AlNashmi @Zubaneen

My friend and fellow foodie Fatmah from F. Scribbles and I decided to start a Foodie Series on both of our blogs. We will both feature the same people but will post at different times.

Our first feature is Faisal AlNashmi, commonly known as Zubaneen, an aspiring chef and a fresh graduate. I have been following him on Instagram for a while now and what caught my attention is how he recreates traditional dishes in a new and refreshing way, as well his incredible food photography!

We asked him 8 foodie questions and below you’ll find his enthusiastic responses.

1. What do you do on a day to day basis?
I’m currently a freelance cook. My day usually starts at 9 am at the Sultan Center, buying ingredients for the dish I will be testing in the kitchen that day. When I get home and into the main kitchen, this is where the fun begins; sprinkles of flour and smudges of oil all over the countertop. Our cook prays to God that some day I leave this child play. My main goal is to plate the dish when lunch is first served upon my Dad’s arrival. I take it to our garden and start shooting to upload on Instagram (my best friend), then get comments while my family each get a bite. The rest of the day? Well, going through piles of pictures and editing for next day’s upload. Continue reading