Experiment: chocolate and chestnut tart

I still have around 2 tins of chestnut cream back when I was baking for Life with Cacao’s highlight dish.

Since today was my family’s weekly dinner, I decided to put the chestnut cream to good use and be creative with it. One thing led to another and so the chocolate and chestnut tart was created.

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Announcement: Life with Cacao’s September Highlight dish is the Chocolate Chestnut Torte

So I have huge news for you!
The Oven Experiments’ very own Chocolate Chestnut Torte is Life with Cacao’s September Highlight dish.
It will be available for 2 week only! So hurry up and go try it. Quantities are limited.

Homemade marrons glacés

Marron glacé. This is a treat I had to accustom my palate to.  All my life up until 3 years ago I assumed I did not like marron glacé! Why? Because as a child I tried it and hated it and so I grew up thinking I didn’t like it.

My mother, on the other hand, loves it and always has. Three mother’s days ago, I decided to change the routine and make her marrons glacés instead.

When I had my BDesserts business I got some of my supplies from a local company that imports French products called FAMECO and they sent out recipes on a monthly basis and one of them was how to make marrons glacés. It seemed fairly easy and it was. This is when I had my first bite as an adult and fell in love with it.

I made it again yesterday and this what you need: Continue reading