Pappa la pomodoro – Italian محروق صبعة

I wanted to write this post when I got back from my Italy trip but decided to wait because this dish is the perfect Ramadan dish. Pappa la pomodoro is a traditional Tuscan bread and tomato soup.

The first time I saw it was on a food TV show a couple of years ago and I was intrigued. I took my copy of The Silver Spoon and searched for the recipe but I didn’t quite like the method. I kind of remembered how they made it on the show so I picked and chose what ingredients and method of cooking I was more comfortable with and created this recipe.

I have made this dish numerous times and every time it’s a little bit different because I never follow a recipe so it was always a couple of this , a pinch of this, a handful of this but yesterday I measured everything to have a recipe people can actually follow!

Of course when I was in Florence, I had this wonderful soup so let’s make a comparison.

Florence's pappa la pomdoro

Budour's pappa la pomodoro

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Tuscan lunches

One of my dream holidays is to go to the Tuscan countryside, rent a house on a farm, pick fresh fruits and vegetables, make delicious food and eat. So when we went to Florence, I just had to go to the Tuscan countryside and eat. I want to accomplish just even a little bit part of my dream and that’s what we did.

We took a beautiful car ride to a medieval town that I completely forgot its name and don’t feel like googling (ok I googled it, San Gimignano) and then off to Chianti, Tuscany’s main wine region. Our driver took us to a vineyard and olive oil producing farm as they called it.

We had a light lunch there but it was in no way light! It was very filling and very amazing!

To taste the olive oil they gave us a plate of a traditional tuscan bread (the non-salted one) soaked in their olive oil and the freshest chopped tomatoes and melt in your mouth cubes of mozzarella cheese.

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