Tuscan lunches

One of my dream holidays is to go to the Tuscan countryside, rent a house on a farm, pick fresh fruits and vegetables, make delicious food and eat. So when we went to Florence, I just had to go to the Tuscan countryside and eat. I want to accomplish just even a little bit part of my dream and that’s what we did.

We took a beautiful car ride to a medieval town that I completely forgot its name and don’t feel like googling (ok I googled it, San Gimignano) and then off to Chianti, Tuscany’s main wine region. Our driver took us to a vineyard and olive oil producing farm as they called it.

We had a light lunch there but it was in no way light! It was very filling and very amazing!

To taste the olive oil they gave us a plate of a traditional tuscan bread (the non-salted one) soaked in their olive oil and the freshest chopped tomatoes and melt in your mouth cubes of mozzarella cheese.

It was followed by ribollita, which was a kind of a bread soup with beans and some veggies. It reminded me of another Tuscan bread soup, pappa la pomodoro, which I will talk about in another post.

And then finally, to taste their truffle oil they gave us a meat lasagne, drizzled generously with truffle oil. We were so full by then but the aroma of the truffle oil was intoxicating that we couldn’t help but finish the entire dish!

Needless to say, we both placed orders on bottles of olive oil and truffle oil to be shipped here to uwait. I can NOT wait until they arrive, hopefully safely.

Next up: region dishes and a recipe!

4 thoughts on “Tuscan lunches

  1. Hey Guys! Was trying to find fellow food bloggers in Kuwait and here I ended up!

    Your first line about dream in tuscan countryside took me by suprise because that would be me writing!

    Your lunch makes me hungry! If only I knew you I would have called for that truffle oil too 😛


  2. I recently bought Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Turkey and was stuffed deep down the buggage as I didn’t want it to break. Well ofcourse I had to pull it all out and show them it wasn’t alcohol!

    Phew…I was so annoyed!

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