Singapore: Episode 5

Day 5: Started work at the museum after brunch (an egg sandwich from Toast)

After leaving the museum, I went straight to Orchard Road to buy a few things I needed. After doing my shopping at ION Orchard mall, I decided to have dinner at The Marmalade Pantry.

I ordered a spicy tomato sauce with beans

Very comforting after my (beauty products) shopping spree and very delicious!

Then for my main meal, I had grilled to perfection salmon accompanied with a cold noodle salad.

As I was heading to the metro station, conveniently located in that same mall,  I passed by TWG tea salon, which I recognized from the tea bags we get complimentary in the hotel room. They had a display of French pastries, all infused with their tea.

I asked for a box of tea-infused macarons, which I’m currently enjoying with TWG’s jasmine tea.

I can’t wait until my parents get here so I can explore Chinatown, especially that the Chinese New Year is on the way, Arab Street and Little India!

Singapore: Episode 1

Greetings from Singapore! I am here for the next 20 days for “business”. Actually while I’m at it let me market the organization I work for. My colleagues and I are in Singapore to install and set up Dar al-Athar al-Islamiyyah’s world famous exhibition, “Treasury of the World: Jewelled Arts of India in the Age of the Mughals”, which is opening on February 12th to the public at the Asian Civilisations Museum  in Singapore! So if you’re in Singapore anytime from that date until June 27th be sure to check it out! For more information click here.

So back to the food business. Since I will be gone for so long, I thought that having a food diary would keep this place alive and its’s also a way to document my trip, through food nonetheless. My plan is to post once a day.

So now I give you day 1…

My days are all messed up. I am jet lagged. I don’t even know what day it is. All I know is that I woke up after 12 + hours and then some more sleep and I was starving. It’s Sunday and I wanted brunch, not hotel breakfast. So I searching online what’s the trendy place to go have brunch on a lazy Sunday and this is what I found…

It was a located at what seems to be a brand new shopping mall (ION Orchard) and the atmosphere at the cafe was quite lovely. Very chic! Also, excellent location for people watching.

I ordered an eggs benedict. It was good although the hollandaise sauce was a bit too tart for my taste. I will definitely take my parents for late lunch or dinner when they come visit in a few days!

After a few hours of walking around Orchard Road, I needed to drink my tea, relax and have something sweet. I went back to the Ion Orchard, as the metro station was there , and found JAMS, a small coffee shop in the bookshop Prologue with an endless array of delicious looking cakes and pastries.

I ordered mint tea, a raspberry crumble and my newly purchased book.

It was a much needed break.

I went straight back to the hotel, and needless to say I slept some more! I’m telling you, I am SO jet lagged.

I woke up a couple of hours later hungry and still very tired. I ordered room service…

I wanted to try something Singaporean so I ordered their Signature Laksa, a coconut-based soup noodle, with bean sprouts, fish cakes, prawns, quail eggs (which were too heavy!) and some other mysterious ingredients that I couldn’t figure out.  It was delicious!

Ok I need to go to bed now, first day of work at the museum tomorrow (umm today)!