Singapore: Episode 7

Today’s choice of food was uninteresting!

I didn’t have breakfast because I forgot to put the alarm and of course overslept. I rushed to the museum and worked half day. After resting a little bit back at the hotel. I got ready and left to go swimsuit shopping. The weather channel website lied to me. It told me that it will be raining every day, all day. It rained twice. First time you can’t even consider it as rain and the second time was today for 5 minutes. It’s usually partly cloudy and hot and humid, perfect weather for pool!

Anyway, I went to a specific mall looking for a specific store, I couldn’t find what I was looking for and then I realized I still haven’t eaten. My options were fine dining restaurants that were actually closed, so not really an option, or a place called The Coffee Club. I see it everywhere!

So Coffee Club it was. I didn’t want to walk more, it was already 3:30pm.

As I was waiting to be seated, I was hoping, for some reason, that they had fish and chips on their menu. Well they did!

It wasn’t so bad, at least it satisfied a craving.

After that I walked a bit and arrived to the hotel exhausted. I was planning on going to Max Brenner and indulge in some chocolate but I just couldn’t. I needed to rest.

I had nothing planned for tonight so I booked a ticket to go see the movie, Brothers. I booked at another cinema complex. The crowd was very different from the one last night. It was much younger and more chaotic, I suppose. Around the complex, I saw at least two musical performances on the street. The entire place was very alive!

I arrived there an hour early so I sat in one of the outdoor cafes.

I ordered a salmon and cream cheese bagel and sat to see the live band performances.

The bagel was the worst I’ve had. It was terrible! I couldn’t even finish it! I stupidly agreed for them to heat it. I thought they were going to toast it but I am pretty sure they just microwaved it, very high and longer than needed. It was hot, doughy and tasteless!

But then I had popcorn at the theatre, so it wasn’t so bad.

Tomorrow is my only day off this week so I have planned a schedule for me, which hopefully will include this place!

We’ll see tomorrow…