Singapore: Episode 3

So… today’s post will be short but I will compensate with more pictures.

Breakfast and dinner sucked so much that I won’t even mention them.

But what was in between was beyond fantastic!

During our lunch break, my colleagues at the museum decided to take me to a spicy restaurant….exciting!

We walk around new territories (at least for me) and it was wonderful! Small shops and vendors everywhere and an air conditioning street!

And then we pass by a row of small restaurants that almost look like street vendors. We get to the Malay one.

Doesn’t it look so colorful and wish you could have everything on there! Well I did!

And this is what my colleague ordered for us…

Roasted peanuts and dried anchovies

From left clockwise: A vegetable curry that reminds of Thai green curry, a stir-fried green leaf that I dont know what it is but it was yummy and this is all it matters, prawn in a chilli gravy, and the gravy of butter chicken (quite pointless)

Bbqed chicken which is possibly then later cooked in this sauce

My plate! They give each customer a plate of rice laid on a banana leaf.  Very cute!

This is the kind of food I wanted to try! I am so glad they took me there. It really was the best food I have had so far here in Singapore and I can’t wait to go back. Everything was delicious! From the perfectly cooked chicken to the can’t have enough vegetable curry to the surprisingly sweet roasted peanut and dried anchovies dish. I highly recommend it. I’ll get the name of the place tomorrow.

I hope tomorrow’s food post is as exciting.

Goodnight for now!

Singapore: Episode 2

Today was my first day of work at the museum! I finally met all those people I’ve been emailing at the museum on a daily basis for the past year! So it was nice to see them in person.

I was still very much jet-lagged and only had a few hours of sleep so I barely concentrated. This is supposed to be a learning experience for me but all I thought about was going to bed!

A few hours into the day, the museum team decided to take a lunch break. They asked me if I had any preference, I said no just that I wanted to try Singaporean food. They took me to this shopping center, mostly electronic stores, just a few minutes walk away from the museum and we had lunch at the food court. See when they first told me food court, I didn’t want to be snobby and say I don’t do food courts, after all this is my first day! Anyway, so this food court turns out to be Asian style. There was a section for Singaporean, Indian, Malay and Japanese food.

I went to the Singaporean noodle section and ordered this…

It was called Seafood Hor Fun. It’s basically a seafood noodle in this very thick sauce. It tasted ok, just very slimy! My colleagues from the museum were talking about their love for MSG and how they put it in everything. That really put me off and I stopped eating the noodle. Yes, yes I’m a food snob! I just don’t like fake food or food courts.

After leaving the museum at the end of the day, the weather was beautiful! The humidity was lower and it was quite breezy.

I wanted to go check out a store (beauty products – another obsession of mine) and possibly find a place to eat around that area. I took the metro and stopped at the closest station to the area I wanted. The weather was still beautiful so it was just lovely to walk around. The crowd was different. It was younger and more trendy and then I saw an Art school and that of course explained everything.

The Cathay building to the left (small local boutiques and cinema complex) and the Art School to the right

Right next to the Cathay building, I saw the cutest cafe, Caramel. I sat outside to do some people watching and read Harper’s Bazaar (Singapore edition) in the breeze. I ordered an iced coffee and a grilled vegetable sandwich.

And here it is…

The sandwich was so good! It’s the kind of sandwich than when you’re done with it, you feel so content and good!

And then of course I had to have dessert.

Lemon Roulade at Caramel

It was citrusy and fresh. A perfect ending to a meal.

I took a long walk afterwards and now I am back in my hotel room, relaxing and sipping on warm jasmine green tea.

I hope I can discover new places tomorrow!

Until then,

Love from Singapore

Singapore: Episode 1

Greetings from Singapore! I am here for the next 20 days for “business”. Actually while I’m at it let me market the organization I work for. My colleagues and I are in Singapore to install and set up Dar al-Athar al-Islamiyyah’s world famous exhibition, “Treasury of the World: Jewelled Arts of India in the Age of the Mughals”, which is opening on February 12th to the public at the Asian Civilisations Museum  in Singapore! So if you’re in Singapore anytime from that date until June 27th be sure to check it out! For more information click here.

So back to the food business. Since I will be gone for so long, I thought that having a food diary would keep this place alive and its’s also a way to document my trip, through food nonetheless. My plan is to post once a day.

So now I give you day 1…

My days are all messed up. I am jet lagged. I don’t even know what day it is. All I know is that I woke up after 12 + hours and then some more sleep and I was starving. It’s Sunday and I wanted brunch, not hotel breakfast. So I searching online what’s the trendy place to go have brunch on a lazy Sunday and this is what I found…

It was a located at what seems to be a brand new shopping mall (ION Orchard) and the atmosphere at the cafe was quite lovely. Very chic! Also, excellent location for people watching.

I ordered an eggs benedict. It was good although the hollandaise sauce was a bit too tart for my taste. I will definitely take my parents for late lunch or dinner when they come visit in a few days!

After a few hours of walking around Orchard Road, I needed to drink my tea, relax and have something sweet. I went back to the Ion Orchard, as the metro station was there , and found JAMS, a small coffee shop in the bookshop Prologue with an endless array of delicious looking cakes and pastries.

I ordered mint tea, a raspberry crumble and my newly purchased book.

It was a much needed break.

I went straight back to the hotel, and needless to say I slept some more! I’m telling you, I am SO jet lagged.

I woke up a couple of hours later hungry and still very tired. I ordered room service…

I wanted to try something Singaporean so I ordered their Signature Laksa, a coconut-based soup noodle, with bean sprouts, fish cakes, prawns, quail eggs (which were too heavy!) and some other mysterious ingredients that I couldn’t figure out.  It was delicious!

Ok I need to go to bed now, first day of work at the museum tomorrow (umm today)!