Singapore: Episode 3

So… today’s post will be short but I will compensate with more pictures.

Breakfast and dinner sucked so much that I won’t even mention them.

But what was in between was beyond fantastic!

During our lunch break, my colleagues at the museum decided to take me to a spicy restaurant….exciting!

We walk around new territories (at least for me) and it was wonderful! Small shops and vendors everywhere and an air conditioning street!

And then we pass by a row of small restaurants that almost look like street vendors. We get to the Malay one.

Doesn’t it look so colorful and wish you could have everything on there! Well I did!

And this is what my colleague ordered for us…

Roasted peanuts and dried anchovies

From left clockwise: A vegetable curry that reminds of Thai green curry, a stir-fried green leaf that I dont know what it is but it was yummy and this is all it matters, prawn in a chilli gravy, and the gravy of butter chicken (quite pointless)

Bbqed chicken which is possibly then later cooked in this sauce

My plate! They give each customer a plate of rice laid on a banana leaf.  Very cute!

This is the kind of food I wanted to try! I am so glad they took me there. It really was the best food I have had so far here in Singapore and I can’t wait to go back. Everything was delicious! From the perfectly cooked chicken to the can’t have enough vegetable curry to the surprisingly sweet roasted peanut and dried anchovies dish. I highly recommend it. I’ll get the name of the place tomorrow.

I hope tomorrow’s food post is as exciting.

Goodnight for now!

3 thoughts on “Singapore: Episode 3

  1. looks amazing, if I were in Singapore this is exactly what I would want too.
    Good thing you get to go back there,
    Can’t wait to drool more.

    Juno, who suddenly appeared on you blog
    well, I just love food and being in Singapore is a dream.
    Amazing how difficult it is to get to what you want even when you’re surrounded by locals.
    Thanks for sharing.

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