a few of my favorite food blogs

I am bored at work and what do I do?

I salivate over delicious looking food blogs…

Cannelle et Vanille

This is one of my favorite food blogs. Delicious recipes and even more delicious food photography! Latest post on baking with persimmons, I think they are called kaka here? Makes me want to go to the co-op or Sultan after work and grab a few to try it!

*Update* Guess what I found in our fridge! Yup! kaka fruits! So I’ll be making this much sooner than I thought! Yay!



Excellent step-by-step recipes and cute animations! Her latest post is a recipe of a pumpkin pie. Now that autumn is here (well not really but let’s pretend) a pumpkin pie sounds mandatory!

smitten kitchen


I discovered this wonderful blog today. And I spent hours and hours on it ever since! She makes everything from salads to cakes to bread to roasts… This image of roasted tomatoes and onions reminds that I should definitely post simple recipes for pastas in the near future!

I will feature more food blogs as I discover them.

4 thoughts on “a few of my favorite food blogs

  1. I stumbled across your blog by chance, and I was delighted to find a blog dedicated to food and cooking experiments in Kuwait. I am obsessed about food and cooking and love watching cooking shows and trying various cuisines, however I confess that I am a complete novice in the kitchen. I would love it if you post a few simple dishes to try and ones that would build one’s courage and skill.

    • Welcome to my blog first of all! Posting simple recipes is definitely in the plan. Thank your for your suggestions and I’m glad you stumbled here by chance 🙂
      keep coming back!

  2. hey!! 🙂
    I too love these blogs..i always save thei recipes and Cannelle et Vanille have really good photograph of what ever she does…her presentation is just superub!! i c you have just started ..kewl..another blog to follow..

    • First of all welcome to my blog! And secondly, I know! They inspired me to start my own, and with the photography I’m
      still learning. I have a long long way to go before I get even close to cannelle et vanille!

      Keep coming back 🙂

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