@Tatami_Kuwait introduces Brunch with a Japanese twist

All of last week, I was impatiently waiting for Friday morning to arrive to go to the launch of Tatami’s new breakfast and brunch weekend menu. Now I know what you might be thinking, a Japanese restaurant that serves breakfast? How?

Well let me tell you, the menu consists of traditional breakfast items with Japanese-inspired ingredients. The only Japanese item they have on the menu is the okonomiyaki, and I highly recommend you give it a try.

We arrived at Tatami at around 10:30 in the morning, and I quickly noticed the beautifully arranged flowers in tin mugs decorating the restaurant.

Aren’t they beautiful! The leaves of one of the flowers look like lettuce leaves which was so appropriate. The entire arrangement looks like a salad and I just want to eat it up. 

For the launch, a set menu was introduced so you get to try almost everything. A menu was placed in front of you that looked exactly like a breakfast menu from a hotel’s room service. From each section, you tick your choice of classic eggs, okonomiyaki, sandwiches, last bites and hot drinks.

I had the Sunny-side up egg, scallops okonomiyaki, miso-braised eggplant & fresh mozzarella sandwich and roasted pumpkin ginger pancakes. Everything I ordered is beyond excellent! In between my bites, I sipped their wonderful, perfect for this flu-prone weather, ginger and honey tea.

The lovely team at Tatami sent me these gorgeous photos of the breakfast items below:

And oh did I mention the flavored water?

I hope the photos were to your viewing pleasure and hopefully soon to your appetite’s.

Shhh insider’s tip: Tatami is doing the set menu option next week as well! So book your table for next weekend, and you won’t regret it. Call them now at +965 22251266.


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