6 thoughts on “Suhoor/dinner day 1

  1. oh lord.

    this is my perfect meal.

    where did u get the cranberry cheese from?

    + try baking tray’s baguette and breads, theyr good.

    • I got both cheeses from dean and deluca. And baking tray’s bread I feel is only good when it’s toasted, otherwise it tastes a bit stale. I got these mini baguettes from dean and deluca also but they were too hard!

    • hahah good one! I think the problem is with our water and the kind of flour they use here. The only decent bread I can find here is in Paul. They actually have good baguettes.

  2. aah very similar to mine! My suhour is basically breakfast .. It’s light healthy, and delicious!

    Breakfast for me usually involves bread, cheese ( mature cheddar being my fave too!) eggs, honey and butter, tea with milk, orange juice, and a mix of kalamata and jordanian olives. yumm!!! breakfast of champions 😉 Sounds like a lot but it’s usually my heaviest meal of the day.

    • Sadly that was the only time I had suhoor. Our futoor is so close to dinner time that I don’t get hungry again.

      And your breakfast sounds delicious! Haha I already miss it…

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