bits and pieces # 1

I know I have been away for so long! But I have lots of pictures and 3 recipes for you which I will reveal in the next three days. For the time being, enjoy my bits and pieces from my very relaxing food-fest holiday!

On the way…

on the wayon the way 2

A very necessary stop at Sultan Centre (Kout Mall)

sultan centre

A quick dinner… roasted sweet potatoes smothered with butter and a tuna salad

roasted sweet potatoestuna

The next morning… flipping pancakes (recipe coming soon)

flipping pancakes

Turkish coffee at noon

making turkish coffeeturkish coffee

Afternoon break…


Later that evening… barbecuing burgers (recipe coming soon) and a sweet ending

bbqing burgersfinished burgerscupcake cake

The last day… cheesy spinach lasagne (recipe also coming soon)

making lasagnelasagne

Hope you enjoyed it! I’ll post recipes for the pancakes, fresh homemade burgers and my super easy cheesy spinach lasagne in the next few days..

See you soon!

5 thoughts on “bits and pieces # 1

  1. spinach lzaaanya !
    budooor , am tellin dalal about it , she’s in the other office , she’s like sij , shakilha latheetha ana b3d 6Lbele :p
    she though ena am checking a menu ;p

    tshaaawgna 7adna

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