Singapore: Day xx (part 1)

I know this has been long overdue and I will stop with the excuses.

I will start posting only my interesting and worth-mentioning food experiences in Singapore (which won’t be many as I was crazy busy my last week there)

So we finally went to the hawker’s center to try their satay. It looks and feels like the Singapore version of the Mubarkiya food-area.

let’s take a closer look…

Made me very hungry!

And I present to you the star of that night.

I overdosed on the chicken and the beef satay. We also ordered shrimp satay. I didn’t take a picture of it which kind of says a lot. It wasn’t that great. We also ordered a leafy green dish that is drenched in garlic! My breath was garlicky all night, even after mints and brushing my teeth.

We walked back to the hotel and saw the other side of the hawker’s center.

This was where all the Chinese food stalls are and this being Singapore, there was a band playing.

Those Singaporeans know how to have a good time!

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