Singapore: Episode 9 (11)

I almost gave up on documenting my trip through food.

I miss home. I miss home-cooked meals. I have breakfast, lunch and dinner and I just feel like I lost my enthusiasm for taking out my camera and snapping pictures.

…. Until today!

This is where we (thats me, my parents and my sister!) went: Eastcoast Seafood Centre

I went there 10 years ago with my family on my first trip to Singapore. It has changed quite a bit but the food is still very fresh and exciting!

It’s a strip of seafood restaurants right on the beach. We picked the largest and busiest one, Jumbo!

This is what we ordered:

For larger view, please click on the image. I didn’t want to upload one by one, I would shoot myself by the time I am done.

After leaving the restaurant, the taxi driver showed us this area, which is very close to our hotel, with a line of food street vendors and it’s open till very late at night!  Can not wait until we explore that street! Very excited!

2 thoughts on “Singapore: Episode 9 (11)

    • And it was YUMMY! Except for the chili crab, the picture on the menu looked mouth-drooling but when we got the dish, it was drenched in that sauce.

      And I miss you too! Haven’t seen you for quite a while! Even before I left that is.

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